Come Holy Spirit, Come

A pretty amazing thing happened while waiting at my kid’s soccer practice. The Holy Spirit did a little whammy on me!

I was sitting there reading when the thought came to me. Pray for the Holy Spirit to come. Pray…Come Holy Spirit, come.

Haha that’s funny. I’m at soccer practice!

I kept reading. The thought came again. Stronger. I’m not a 100% with this always but after more than a few encounters like this, I’ve learned His voice. Okay!

So with the book in my lap, I started to pray under my breath…

Come Holy Spirit, come. Come Holy Spirit, come. Come Holy Spirit, come. Come Holy Spirit, come. Come Holy Spirit, come….

Pause. What am I doing?! Keep going!

Come Holy Spirit, come. Come Holy Spirit, come. Come Holy Spirit, come. Come Holy Spirit, come…

What happened next is something that took my breath away. The Spiritual Realm is not something foreign to me and I’ve been in a variety of circles of various types of expression. There isn’t too much that rattles my cage. But the power and purity of what happened at soccer practice gave me goosebumps. Holy Spirit goosebumps!

I heard a question being asked of me. It was in a way and with a depth I’ve never felt before. So I asked the obvious question to ask.

Is that You Holy Spirit?

I know this may seem weird to some but I do have conversations with God. That’s what prayer is, right? Not just me talking but listening and hearing Him speak to me in that unique way that He does.

His response?

Well, Who have you been asking for? Yes, it’s Me.

But I needed to make sure. I hadn’t felt this before and I told Him that if it was really Him then I needed to know for sure.

With that came a picture. The word Proverbs in my head. And I couldn’t make out if what I was seeing was a 6:8 or an 8:8. I wasn’t reading the Proverbs. I wasn’t even reading my Bible. But I did have it on hand! So quickly I looked up both. Proverbs 6:8 spoke about the ants and working. Then 8:8 is what got me!

All the words of my mouth are with righteousness;
Nothing crooked or perverse is in them.

I sat there almost in tears! This isn’t a verse I visit regularly. It wasn’t highlighted or bookmarked. It was His answer to my question…is that You Lord? So back to His question of me …yes Lord! The way He chose to speak, the tenderness and depth of His voice this time started to make sense later that evening. But that’s a blog for a different day!

Lord, keep our ears attentive to Your voice and our eyes open to what You want to show us. Not just in our churches and our prayer circles but as we walk along the way. Would test all things and vigilant in our pursuit of You. Come Holy Spirit, come…even at soccer practice.  Amen.

~Brenda Renderos

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