Victim, Survivor or…

We have a choice who wins in our life.

What the enemy intends for evil, God is very capable and willing to turn it for good in our lives. (Genesis 50:20) What good could ever come from the evil that seeks to wreck us to our very core?

That thing that happened in your life was bad. It was evil. It was heart wrenching and disappointing. Period.

But when we allow the power of God’s grace and love to come in, He finds a way to work the miraculous out in us in only a way that He can. I wish I could explain it. In my attempts to try I’m left with fingers typing and deleting. Maybe someone else can explain how He does it and I would love to hear them. But for now what I can say is this…

Don’t call me a victim. I’m not.

Don’t call me a survivor. I’m not.

You may though, call me a VICTOR! Because I am!!

God won in me.

~Brenda Renderos

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