Can’t Find the Words…Yet

I’m back from Cambodia. With all that I experienced and witnessed you’d think I would have something to say. With the relationships that were deepened and challenges I faced you’d think there would be a blog in there. Truth is that I could not and still am having difficulty processing my thoughts into written word. While I’ve been able to process through conversations with a few people I have yet to put any of my feelings, thoughts or questions to paper. One simply can not condense 2 weeks of miracles, Holy Spirit flowing, joy, sadness, hope, friendships, exhaustion and growth into a blog post. It feels almost wrong to even attempt.

So sitting in my yard and watching the sun slowly rise I’m accepting the call to not rush. The sun slowly rises but no one worries whether it will rise or not. The work, blessing and words in me will rise as well. Maybe slowly but it will rise.

And as I wait on Him, I actively lay my heart before Him. Desperate that this wouldn’t become an experience I had but rather would be a mark in my life where my life was molded more into the likeness of Christ. That my heart would not “settle back in”. What that will look like I don’t know. But I’m grateful for my family who gets it why I did this. They’re on this journey with me as well.

The love and support my husband and kids have shown me is a gift beyond measure. To the extent of Gerson asking me the question… “where next?” He gets it! I have no idea where or when but to know He gets it and supports me is a gift.

As the days are lived and the words come, I’ll share with you.

Notice I said “as the days are lived”. If I had to pick a theme for this trip in me it would be… I’m here so let’s do this! There’s a story behind those words I’ll share another time but the theme is there. God gave me life today. Not to let life live me but for me to live life!

I’m here so let’s do this!

~Bren Bren

(story behind the “bren bren” too!)

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